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Situated along the south cost of Bali, Canggu is considered to be among the most amazing places to visit.  It is well known for several top attractions and excellent shopping stores, clubs, restaurants and much more which makes it a top destination for any visitor.  Canguu has been recording a huge number of families, solo travelers and couples who find the area a top tourist destination thanks to its beach clubs, nature, adventure and lots of other stylish establishments.

Awan Connection Location

Awan Connection is well known for the private offices, virtual offices coworking spaces and F&B services it offers. It is situated in Canguu away from the busy traffic making it an excellent place for those in need of a cool and quiet place. It is 2.5km from Batu Bolong beach and Canguu beach is just 2.5 km away.

Reasons Canggu Is Considered To Be Digital Nomads Worldwide Capital City

You can never mention digital nomads without Canggu coming into your mind. Canggu which boasts of several coworking spaces with Awan Connection being among them is considered to be an excellent place for any digital nomad.

Below are some of the reasons why Canguu is a top digital nomad destination.

Several Coworking Spaces

Canggu boasts of lots of top coworking spaces and working cafes which are well equipped with comfortable seats, tables, high speed wifi and have beverages and great food to sustain the digital nomads as they work.

English is the Dominant Language

English is the most commonly used language in Canggu. Most business owners use it. At Awan Connection, our website is in English. All our employees also understand and can communicate well in English. This makes it easier for the digital nomads since a huge percentage of them communicate in English.

Efficient Transportation

There are different transportation means in Canguu which makes movement from one place to another much easier.  Use of online taxis is dominant and the rates are quite affordable.

Closeness to Nature and Adventure

There are lots of beautiful beaches, lush tropical gardens and several other great adventures close to Canguu. These help in ensuring digital nomads using Awan Connection do have a memorable and unforgettable experience. For instance, Tanah lot and Seminyak which have lots of natural attraction sites are close to Awan Connection. They are at most two hour drive away.

Type of Weather

Since Canguu is situated in the island of Bali, it experiences both dry and rainy seasons.  From October to March, the weather is mainly rainy. From April to September, the weather is mainly dry. This makes it have a tropical type of weather which makes it a great spot for any tropical nomad.

Way of Living

Canguu is located between great beaches and a rice terrace hence offers an amazing atmosphere for tourists whenever they are walking through the rice fields or surfing at the beach. The huge number of cafes, restaurants, night clubs, and bars makes people have a vibrant and fun type of lifestyle.

What Does a Coworking Space Mean?

Coworking space is an open space where any person can use to do their work or project as long as they fulfill the needed requirements. It is an excellent place for freelancers, digital nomads and any person who wants to work remotely. If you do not want to spend much money setting up an office, then a coworking space will be an excellent option for you. In a coworking space, every person works on his or her project since they do not belong to the same company.

Coworking spaces are fully equipped with printers, seats and desks and does have a conference room, private room and good wifi speed.

Awan Connection vs. Working Cafes

Awan Connection as a coworking space is quickly overtaking working cafes in terms of popularity and efficiency when it comes to serving digital nomads. In this section, we making a comparison between the two explaining why digital nomads do prefer Awan Connection to working cafes.


Despite not being tailored to be working stations, cafes are known to have excellent ambiance and pleasing to anyone. However, there are cafes such as crate café and zin café which do not have several power plugs to get for a huge number of digital nomads. Several cafes do not invest in high speed internet connection. Hence digital nomads can never be sure of having a reliable internet connect when working in cafes.

Awan Connection is specifically tailored to satisfy the needs of digital nomads, freelancers and remote workers. Power plugs are enough to cater for every freelancer needs while the wifi connection is reliable. There is minimal interference when freelancers work in coworking spaces.


The type of community each offers is a major difference between the working coworking space and the cafes. For example, most of the people going to the cafes are those who are hungry and want to feed on something.

However, the coworking spaces are specifically design to host remote workers and digital nomads hence, there is minimal disruption. In Awan Connection, you also stand a chance of making new friends who share same ideas as you unlike in coworking cafes.


Awan Connection as a coworking space is designed in a way that it contains laptop friendly places. There is unlimited internet access; reception of guests is superb while the seats are comfortable. These help in ensuring, its main purpose is not affected in any way.

Conference room, private meeting room are other facilities you will access at Awan Connection. In contrary, working cafes lack most of these facilities.


Can you imagine asking café staff to reserve a special meeting for you? What about an entire conference room or a private room? Cafes main purpose is to selling ready foods. They cannot inconvenience their other customers just for your own benefits.

When compared to Awan Connection, a renowned coworking space, flexibility is never a problem. Satisfying every remote worker, freelancer or digital nomad needs is their work. In fact, there are conference rooms, private rooms where clients can reserve.

Awan Connection Offer

  • Conference Room: Air conditioned meeting rooms are always available for team members to use.
  • Events: Organizing different events helps team members to connect and interact. Awan Connection is an excellent place to hold some your events.
  • Discounts and Benefits: There are lots of benefits team members enjoy when they sign up with Awan connection. We also offer discounts to returning and new members.
  • Work space: You do not have to worry about how much space is available. There is always enough work space for everyone in private rooms or office.
  • Member Network: It is much easier to interact and connect with other team members.

Prices / Services

Private Office

Definitely, there are those who will need some privacy. At Awan Connection, we have a place for them. Here what we charge together with services we offer for private offices.

1 Day: 550k IDR 

  • Great Wifi-Access
  • Meal Voucher: 40k IDR
  • Beverage Voucher: 35k IDR

Weekly: 2500k IDR

  • Fast Wifi-Access
  • Meal Voucher: 5 x 40k IDR
  • Beverage voucher: 5 x 35k IDR
  • Access to Zoom Room (Upon Requuest

1 Month : 9000K IDR 

  • Wifi-Access
  • Swimming Pool Access
  • Member Discount: 10% in canteen
  • Meeting Room Access 208:   12 hours
  • Beverage Credit: 15 Tea/coffee/Beer
  • Meal Voucher: 500k IDR
  • Zoom Room Credit: 20 hours (Upon request
  • Safety box (Upon Request)

Half a Year or More: 8000k IDR

  • Wifi-Access
  • Large Pool Access
  • Member Discount: 20%
  • Safety box (Upon   Requirement)
  • Zoom Room Credit: Unlimited (Upon Request)
  • Meeting Room Access 208:  20 hours

Co Working Space

1 Day: 150K IDR

  • Wifi-Access
  • Food voucher 40k IDR
  • Focus Room Credit: 1 hour
  • Drink voucher 35k IDR

Weekly: 700K IDR

  • Wifi-Access
  • Drink Voucher: 5 x 35k IDR
  • Healthy Food Voucher: 5 x 40k IDR
  • Focus Room Credit: 5 hours
  • Meeting Room Access 208: 1 hours

1 Month: 2.200K IDR

  • Wifi-Access
  • Drink voucher: 5 x 35k IDR
  • Healthy Food Voucher: 5 x 40k IDR
  • Focus Room Credit: 10 hours
  • Meeting Room Access 208: 5 hours

Guest Room

Single Bed with Private Bathroom 

  • Wifi
  • ​ Air Conditioning
  • Hot Shower
  • ​Safety Box

Queen Bed with Private Bathroom 

  • Wifi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Hot Shower
  • Safety Box

What Events Can One Organize in Awan Connection?

Some of the world’s best coworking spaces are known to be great hubs for innovation, networking, remote working and much more. However, there are several other events one can hold at Awan connection. Here are the most common events you can always organize at Awan Connection.

Lunch and Learn

Any company will at one point consider different ways they can promote learning among their team members. One reliable method is organizing a lunch and learn event. It is advisable that you organize such sessions either after every two weeks or after every month. This will enable your team members to learn from their colleagues as they enjoy lunch together.

Fast Networking

Fast networking is a reliable and effective event that helps in providing members with a platform of connecting at deeper levels. This is a special gathering that strives at promoting professional networking. It also provides team members the platform to network past working hours.

Integration fun activities like interactive games, team building exercises and scavenger hunts will help spice up networking.

Gaming Nights

Awan connection is an excellent coworking space to host gaming nights. These nights help in ensuring there is a great interaction and connecting a strong bond among the team members.

The gaming nights also help in encouraging creative thinking, socializing and collaboration. It offers a way to ensure every participant enjoys.

Meet Ups

Awan Connection is an excellent coworking place to organize meet up events. Meet and greet events play a crucial role in networking, socializing and interacting. This event will help in bringing together individuals of the same interest and who possess different skills. You can spice up such an event by ensuring there are snacks, beers and beverages.

Sharing of Skills

Sharing of skills will help in expanding the knowledge base of your team members. Having such an event at Awan Connection will help ensure team members showcase their skills, empower one another and share their experiences.

Organizing Volunteer Days

Giving back to the community is an important event that will have a positive impact to any business or company. Such events help in fostering fulfillment and pride among team members.

Organizing volunteer days will also help ensure team members make a collective difference together. It will also help in ensuring team members are empowered and able to contribute in ways that satisfy their passions and interests.

Fitness Sessions

Exercising is important in helping reduce stress and keeping your body fit. Organizing fitness sessions among the team members will help in ensuring their health is at par and in god condition. If possible, you can consider hiring a fitness trainer to help conduct the sessions.

If you have enough space in the coworking space, you can decide to put up a gym or spare a room for yoga sessions.

Parties during Holidays

Everybody loves partying! One great time to party is during the holidays. Can you imagine having your team members together to enjoy some drinks, foods and music? Definitely, this will create unforgettable experience among the team members. They will feel more appreciated.

Demo Days

Think about have a day specifically set aside to show off different products and services!  Having such an event at a coworking space is an excellent idea as it will help different members be aware of what things they can get from you. Be sure such an event will yield great returns always.

Other talented team members will also show their products and services for anyone interested. Such an event helps in creating a collaborative and supportive community in any coworking space.

Special offers

Awan connection offers its members special offers to appreciate their trust in us.

  • We provide breakfast since it is the most important meal of the day. The canteen is always opened at 8 am. Our breakfast menu comprises of sweet and savory dishes together with a wide selection of delicious coffee, drinks, smoothie bowls and much more.
  • Our lunch offer starts at 11 am. We avail a display menu that comprises of both western and Asian meals. Members will have a variety of 40 dishes to choose from.

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