Slide WELCOME TO ADDA YOGA awakening to self Slide 2 "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." "The Bhagavad Gita" Slide 2 "There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving: Your own self" "Aldous Huxley"

Frequently Asked Questions

It is obviously your decision if your feel fit, confident and fast learner, you can attend a normal class. However, we don’t recommend Power Vinyasa for beginners.

But, as explained in our class section, foundations are very important. So, we recommend to attend a few beginners classes first, got some adjustment and practice basic asanas before to go further.

Yes, we don’t have any online pre-booking classes. You can register at our counter and our nice crew will book you in.

Yes, we have a credit card facility (2.5 % Surcharge). You can pay cash too.

Yes, as explained in our rates section, we have different options (6 classes, weekly unlimited or monthly unlimited). Buying a few classes is cheaper. If you are a KITA visa holder, make sure topresent it at the desk before booking

Unfortunately, not. All our classes a non-refundable and not transferable

Power Vinyasa is challenging, as stretching time longer, more challenging asanas and longer flow. However, it would fit for most of the people, as long as you are fit, with no physical injuries. And don’t forget, our teachers never push you, it’s your practice. You can rest anytime you want. Please check our class section for more details.

If you have issues anywhere on your body, don’t attend any classes, Stay home and rest. Go and see a specialist or doctor .Of course, if you decide to attend a class it’s your responsibility. Please let the teacher knows about any injuries.

Yes, we do! We provide mats, block, bolsters, straps.
Please bring towel and a lot of water.

First, you will have to let the teacher knows about your pregnancy. Don’t do any power Vinyasas classes. Classic Vinyasa flow can be attended if less than 4 months pregnant (If no physical issues). The best classes would be restorative or Hatha and Yin. For any practice while pregnant, please follow the recommendations of your doctor.

Yes, we do. For more details, please check our private Yoga classes section on your website

Strictly no late entry.ADDA YOGA Shala is a sacred space, where people focus, meditate and practice. In respect of your fellows Yogi and instructor teaching, there is no late entry ( door will be locked )

You can get out whenever you want. No problem. However, we don’t provide refunds.

Please check our section “our classes” to have a full description and  detail of the style. If you have any doubt, you can come to the Shala before class and have a chat with the teacher. You can send us an email too, and we will explain you what kind of Yoga it is

Yes, your belongings can be store in the storage shelve in the Shala. It will be lock in the building, therefore safe. However we don’t take any responsibilities for lost items.

Yes, we do provide filtered water. It is very important to drink and hydrate yourself, especially in Bali with those hot temperatures. Furthermore,while practicing Yoga. It is recommended to drink minimum 1,5 liters of water per session. You can drink electrolytes too, coconut water or any sport drinks to compensate the sweat and loss of water.

You can practice Yoga in Bali almost everywhere. However, the most famous places are Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud, Uluwatu. There are numerous good schools with professional teaching in those areas.

It’s obviously very hot in the Island so that you can wear something light with good material for sweating. Any sports shorts or any leggings would be suitable—gym top, singlets or t-shirts too. Any fabric sweat proof and not too thick is good. Don’t forget a towel and plenty of water.

There are different ranges of prices following the school and amenities. The level of teaching, teachers, range of resort can fluctuate. If you have any query regarding yoga teacher training, get in touch with us.