ADDA YOGA Studio Etiquette

In order to offer a smooth and qualitative practice to all yogis, we did set up some basics rules that we kindly ask you to follow:

Arrive On Time, No Late Entry

A good yoga class will leave you well balanced, with a peaceful mind and totally fulfilled. But what worse than start your practice than being late? You don’t want any stress or negative emotions that might ruin your yoga session in respect to all the yogis, we don’t accept any late entry to the shala. Try to arrive 10-15 minutes before to set up your mat, your gears and do some warm up exercises, meditate or simply socialize with your fellows yogis.

Leave Your Ego Behind

Ego surrender is an important part or yoga. So, you have to be ready to accept adjustment from your teacher, no matter your level. You have to come with an open-minded attitude, positive mindset and a humble approach. No judgment on other beings, no negative attitude, no gossiping or show off behavior.

Mind Your Personal Hygiene

In respect to your fellow yogis friend, please make sure you bath, brush your teeth and have a correct personal odorless hygiene. Use a clean mat and gears and make sure to utilize fresh towels.

Be Aware Of Your Space

If the class is busy, make sure to leave some space around you for other yogis. don’t walk on other people’s mat

Remove Your Shoes

Yoga is practiced with bare feet, and we kindly ask you to leave your shoes at the door.

Tell Your Teacher About Any Injuries

Communication is the key: please tell your teacher if you have any injuries or body related issues. as a result, he can adapt his teaching to your needs

No Personal Devices, No Phones

It is a sacred space, where we tend to focus on mind clarity trough meditation and practice. So we ask you to turn off your device and store it with your personal belongings in the shelf.

Try To Minimize Conversation,

Our studio is considered a space for reflection, self-study, and focus, and we aimed to maintain a quiet atmosphere (if not an altogether silent one)

Clean Up

Once your practice is finished, make sure to clean your mat and blocs with the spray provided. Put back all the gears at the right spot. Hygiene is an important topic for us and all the equipment and premises are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis

Be Yourself