Private Yoga Classes


ADDA YOGA bali located in canggu is a professional yoga studio offering private yoga classes for all ages and needs. We make you explore different styles as vinyasa flow, hatha, yin, restorative.

Best Private Yoga Classes Bali

ADDA YOGA bali located in canggu, is a professional yoga studio offering private yoga classes for all ages and needs. We make you explore different styles as vinyasa flow, Hatha, yin, restorative. Our teachers have years of experience and a strong knowledge of yogic science and practice. Through hundreds of hours of training, they did develop dexterity, know-how, teaching and development skills. As professionals from the yoga industry, we pride ourselves to give a Taylor made experience to our students in a safe working way.

Personalized And Private Yoga Lessons In Bali

He or she can assess your needs, goals, and follow your development or progression. Furthermore, body adjustments can be done (if you required and you authorized it). Improvement advice can be given and goals set up for your progression. Maximum 2 persons please get in touch with us for availability, details and rates :


By asking one of our instructors to come to your villa or hotel, you can have a private and personalized session with one of our seasoned teachers.

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Lessons Bali

  • Face to face teaching
  • Detailed written and oral explanation
  • Concrete practice
  • Adjustment or rectification
  • Deeper technical practice




Explanation of 8 limbs of Yoga, detailed Yamas and Niyamas, Vedas, and transposition in our daily life




Explanation to the student of the different kind of meditation and their benefits, how to integrate meditation in your daily practice.


Pranayama: breathing techniques


The teaching of the different kind of pranayama and their benefits, how to practice and concrete breathwork exercises


Asanas: Yoga physical posture


Following the student needs and capacity, exploration of different Yoga asana, detailed explanation of anatomy and postures or practice with the teacher.

Many other topics can be explored with the student: Shatkarmas or kriyas ( cleaning exercises), Dristi, Bandhas, Chakras, Mantra, Anatomy.

Your teacher will ask you to fill a form to know your goals towards your yoga practice.


Once your wishes and objectives received, the instructor will be built a Taylor made a class for you.


If you only focus on Yoga Asanas postures, the teacher can build a complete class following your goals. This class will take into consideration your physical restrictions or body goals development.


You can book a few classes to have more hours to oversee your goals and reach your Yoga purpose.


For any inquiries please email


Located in Canggu, In a beautiful and peaceful Shala, ADDA is the Yoga Studio in Bali to work on your inner peace, physical development and mental well-being.