Slide WELCOME TO ADDA YOGA awakening to self Slide 2 "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." "The Bhagavad Gita" Slide 2 "There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving: Your own self" "Aldous Huxley"

Welcome to ADDA YOGA

We offer affordable Yoga Studio Canggu, Bali

We aimed to guide through their journey a new wave of spiritual people from all over the world, healthy focus individuals, yogis from all levels, or simply life explorers. ADDA YOGA is the premier provider of the best yoga classes in Canggu.

Yoga Bali


A place to explore your limit and go deeper towards your well-being with supportive and qualified teachers who focus on asanas, breathing, mind exploring, and meditation in a very fun and mesmerizing atmosphere. Join our 200HR(YTT) and 300HR(YTT) advanced Yoga teacher training program.

Bali Yoga Classes Style

We provide a vigorous, powerful, and challenging modern asana practice, mainly based on dynamic Hatha and power vinyasa flow. We have a wide range of different classes style going from Hatha, slow flow Hatha, yin yoga, or technical asana focused classes

We are here to help you grow and guide you through this magical yoga journey in Bali, Canggu.

You Are The Master

Best Yoga Canggu

Welcome to ADDA YOGA. Located in Canggu, Seminyak we created an amazing space for wellbeing, personal development, mind balance and body power…

Inner Power Yoga Studio In Bali

We believe in the power of music as healing tool, energy frequency and love gathering instrument. Hence our studio is gear with a qualitative and powerful sound system. All our teachers have a mic for a better verbal cueing and a better adjustment experience with their students.

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Why join ADDA YOGA in Bali?

ADDA YOGA is a prominent yoga studio in Bali. Our background, Yogic path, and skills allow us to deliver the best yoga in Canggu and a wellness experience to our community in a humble, professional and respectful environment.

We want to stand out from the crowd and give you the best practice possible, with a focus on yourself, your development, and your inner work.

We have designed meditation yoga classes in Seminyak and Canggu for every person and body, focusing on learning and goals achievements.

Our teachers, coming from all over the world, aimed to deliver safe Asana classes with an accurate understanding of your boundaries. We even offer Taylor-made private Yoga lessons for your needs, following your target goals and developmental milestones. So, if you are looking for outstanding yoga teaching in Bali and Canggu, come and join us.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes Canggu

We have a wide range of yoga asana classes, going from different lineages, ways of teaching, speed, or movement. One of our main types of practice is Vinyasa Yoga, a more flowing type of yoga, with sequences linked together and a solid connection to breath and postures. Our Vinyasa yoga classes will challenge your flexibility, strength, and balance and leave you fulfilled and stronger.

Yoga and Meditation Studio Bali

If you are looking to deepen your practice and explore various parts of the science of Yoga, we have built some private classes, events, and workshops not only based on the physical practice but meditation, philosophy, self-exploration, and mindfulness. If you are looking for a great yoga and meditation studio in Canggu and Seminyak, come and visit us!

ADDA YOGA Canggu Seminyak in Bali has created some yoga retreats, with some deep immersion on this stunning Island, including a beautiful yoga practice, various activities, and excellent healthy food. Bali’s health and wellness retreat will leave you grounded, focused and strengthen your mind-body balance for a better daily life.

We provide yoga teacher training in Bali; with experienced and passionate teachers, we aim to train high-class students to transform into yoga instructors. Our syllabus and course structure are second to none, and every student will be trained thoroughly to become a dedicated and skillful yoga teacher.

Our events spanned from spiritual retreats in Bali to any personal growth experience from Yogic or tantric philosophy or any worldwide native culture. We aimed to guide people toward their spiritual and self-growth paths.

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