Yoga is a spiritual practice that originated in India. Are you looking for traditional Yoga in Bali? ADDA Yoga is modern yet respectful of tradition and different lineages.


It aims to provide us with the key to wisdom, understanding, and ego-transcending insight, or emerging from the illusion of ordinary existence. 


It aspires to lead us to our true essence, which goes beyond religious or philosophical concerns.


The beginning of Yoga has been traced in the past over 5,000 years to north India. The Rig Veda was the old scripture where the terminology was usually first created. Rishis developed Yoga, documenting the practices and views in the era of Upanishads, a huge work with around 200 doctrines.


The purpose of Yoga is to educate the minds and bodies to observe by becoming knowledgeable about nature through activities of spiritual brought up.


Philosophy of Traditional Yoga Bali

Yoga philosophy provides us with a road map that leads to a joyful, healthy, and peaceful existence. Our brains and bodies are vital and vibrant when we are in good health.


The pleasure develops into a profound and lasting sense of fulfillment. The peace extends not just within ourselves but also to the rest of the globe.


Yoga is an ancient practice that emphasizes meditation, mobility, and endurance to improve mental and physical health. It is made up of various physical, intellectual, and spiritual disciplines.


Breathing and stances, a sequence of exercises designed to build strength and endurance, are the two essential characteristics of Yoga.

8 Limbs of Yoga

In the study of Yoga, there are eight limbs of Yoga which are listed below:

  • Yama is the Japanese word for “social ethics.
  • Personal Behaviour is referred to as Niyama.
  • Asana is the Sanskrit word for “posture.”
  • Pranayama is the practice of controlling one’s vital force.
  • Withdrawing the senses (Pratyahara).
  • Dharana is the Sanskrit word for concentration.
  • Dhyana is the Sanskrit word for meditation.
  • Absorption / Bliss is referred to as Samadhi.
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Traditional Yoga class Bali

We are passionate, dedicated, and focus on our mission: to give you the best yoga experience and guide you through this magical journey.

Traditional Yoga

A Traditional Yoga Practice

Yoga is a centuries-old discipline that is traditionally known in India. It incorporates exercise, concentration, and breathing methods to enhance physical and cognitive well-being. Yoga incorporates physical postures, breathing methods, and contemplation or relaxation into many styles. 


Each individual is taught at their own pace, depending on their level of preparation. The numerous hatha yoga activities were used to prepare the body for lengthy durations of mindfulness. 


As commonly practiced in the West, Yoga focuses primarily on physical health. Of course, it can be a spiritual practice if you want to use it.


Alignment is considered to have a good setup that enables us to get the most out of our practice while also allowing us to achieve that sweet spot of comfort. Another is Drishti or focus, whereas Drishti is the focal point of our attention and sight. The last is breath.


Yoga is a great practice and exercise for the relaxation and relief of the mind. It can help you breathe, contemplate, and build cognitive skills.


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