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If it’s less of a tailored retreat you’re looking for and more a casual introduction to the world of yoga while in Bali, it’s definitely a good idea to get a class pass for a local studio in Canggu. This option is much more flexible and affordable than committing to a weeklong intensive retreat, and it gives you the power to choose when and how you practice. Having lived and taught yoga here in the ‘gu, I wanted to share my thoughts on Yoga in Canggu and best places for yoga classes in Canggu.

It’s also a great way to get to know more about different yoga styles on offer – do you like Yin? Are you more of a “Power Flow” kind of person? Or do you come to life at the hint of all things spiritual and meditative? (Note – if spirituality and meditation is your thing, get yourself straight the The Practice Bali. No questions asked.)

Whether it’s self-healing, movement, a spiritual awakening or a combination of all three you’re after, Canggu boasts some of the best quality yoga classes you’ll find on the whole island of Bali.

The contradiction of Canggu’s busier party areas I feel actually lends itself to the chilled out atmosphere created by most of the following studios, and for those of you easing yourself into yogic living, these will probably hold more appeal than the often overwhelming essence of the yoga scene in Ubud (Ubud is fantastic in itself, but these days there are just so many people doing yoga).

Alternatively, if it’s more a fitness retreat with an element of yoga, then these WanderFit Retreats in Bali throughout the year might also be of interest to you!

That said, here are the best places to practice Yoga in Canggu…

Yoga Classes in Canggu

1. ADDA Yoga


All work and no play has never done anyone any good, but why just work and play when you can focus on elevating your health and wellness at the same time? That’s where ADDA Yoga comes in, offering a massive range of yoga classes and various membership packages.

Located right above AWAN Connection in Batu Balong, ADDA Yoga focuses on spreading the restorative teachings of yoga through modernized lessons and classes. Once you finish off your day of work, immerse yourself in meditation sessions, pranayama (breath work), or Yoga philosophy lessons. Now you don’t need to be an expert right off the bat as ADDA Yoga offers beginners, advanced, and traditional Yoga.

At ADDA Yoga, their aim is to teach a pure and genuine Yoga practice while communicating to their students that Yoga is more than just a basic physical exercise. Their shala sits atop a gorgeous roof. It might not be the biggest around, but the atmosphere and teachers at ADDA Yoga make for an amazing experience and one of the best in Canggu. They host weekly spirituality and consciousness events, as well as regular sound healing workshops, all with an emphasis on self-growth.

The best bit? Well, firstly, the ADDA studio gives you amazing views of the rice fields around Canggu that add a level of tranquility to any class you choose to take. Secondly, working with AWAN Connection, if you use their coworking space, you’ll get a 10% discount when signing up with ADDA Yoga.

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