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Looking for aerial Yoga classes in Bali?

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If you are spending some time on the beautiful Island of Gods and you are looking for Yoga in Bali or, more particularly, Yoga in Canggu, check out our profile!

Our Yoga studio in Canggu offers a variety of classes from different lineages and backgrounds. We are open to the modern evolution of Yoga and yet have strong roots in the history and philosophy of the discipline.

If you are looking for meditation classes in Bali, we organise those on a regular basis.

Our Yoga school offers some YTT Yoga teacher training in Bali and miscellaneous Yoga Workshops for beginners and advanced practitioners.

In our Yoga studio in Canggu, you can experience new activities: Yoga events and spiritual events. Our list of events in Bali includes Sound healing, Cacao ceremony, spiritual circles, ecstatic dance, breath-work, and many more!



Who are we?

ADDA YOGA is a prominent yoga studio in Bali. Our background, Yogic path, and skills allow us to deliver the best yoga in Canggu and a wellness experience to our community in a humble, professional and respectful environment.

We want to stand out from the crowd and give you the best practice possible, with a focus on yourself, your development, and your inner work.

We have designed meditation yoga classes in Seminyak and Canggu for every person and body, focusing on learning, goals, and achievements.

Our teachers, coming from all over the world, aim to deliver safe Asana classes with an accurate understanding of your boundaries. We even offer Tailor-made private Yoga lessons for your needs, following your target goals and developmental milestones. So, if you are looking for outstanding yoga teaching in Bali and Canggu, come and join us.

Our mission:

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Our different classes and Yoga style

  • Traditional Yoga Bali Canggu
  • Hatha Yoga Bali Canggu
  • Vinyasa Yoga Bali Canggu
  • Yin Yoga Bali Canggu
  • Restorative Yoga Bali Canggu

We have on schedule too: Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar, Acro Yoga, and Aerial Yoga.

And more …

  • We have cool new classes on a regular basis:
  • We offer beginner Yoga classes in Bali!
  • Yoga Classes in Bali Canggu studio:

Yoga workshops and spiritual events in Bali

  • Yoga retreat Bali Canggu
  • Sound healing Bali Canggu
  • Ecstatic dance Bali Canggu
  • Breath-work events Bali Canggu

We have other events too as the cacao ceremony, full moon circle, women’s circle, dance …

And many more:

Yoga teacher training

  • 200 hours Yoga teacher training certification Bali
  • 300 hours Yoga teacher certification Bali

Private Yoga classes in Bali

Yes, we can come to your villa too!

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