Why Bali Is The Perfect Destination For Yoga Classes And Spiritual Retreats?

You might have chosen Bali in Indonesia for your next holiday destination? Good on you. The Island is a perfect spot for stunning holidays. Indeed, Bali is a trendy spot for people worldwide due to the paradisiac feeling of this beautiful place. There is everything that tourist can dream of: unique cultural experience, good food, traditional place, religious temple, stunning beaches, mountains and buzzing city.


The atmosphere on this small Island of Indonesia is incredible. Hence why all those travellers always come back or in some cases even stay there.


Indeed, the ex-pat community in Bali is really important, and you will find many individuals from all over the world. Those migrants, expatriate, mostly westerner bring a lot of vibes to the Island.  Those profiles and skills did build an incredible and vibrant community over the years.


As found on Instagram or Facebook, there is entrepreneur, influencers, athletes, musicians, spiritual peoples, Yogi etc.…


The spiritual community in Bali is outstanding. As a reminder, Bali is a different kind of Island in Indonesia. Indeed, most people are Hindu, contrary to other parts of Indonesia, primarily Muslim.


This Hindu majority gives a different vibe on the Island and attracts many Yoga practitioners and Spiritual minded peoples.


Yoga classes in Bali


If you are looking for yoga classes in Bali, you will have a lot of choices. There are numerous good schools with different styles of Yoga for your practice. You can experiment with Yoga in beautiful and stunning studios. Most of the Yoga school in Bali are run by seasoned teachers to give you the best experience.


Bali spiritual retreats


As there is a very particular vibe on the Islands, many providers offer Spiritual retreats.  If you want to connect to your high self and surrender to the higher spirit with any practice, you can spend a few days in the mountain or forest in a breathtaking environment, perfect for stillness and surrender.


Looking for Yoga in Bali?


ADDA Bali is a Yoga school Bali located in Canggu. We have a fantastic studio for your practice. We provide Asanas teaching, meditation, breathwork, and exercise to deepen your inner power and reach a good body-mind balance.


Best Yoga studio in Bali


We aimed to provide the best quality Yoga teaching, with an instructor from all over the world, skilled and seasoned.

Yoga retreat Bali


We offer retreats from 1 to 5 days in a stunning and dream environment. Our retreats will leave you relaxed and will fill your batteries for better harmony.

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